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Description:   The Audio-Analyzer project is a set of tools for measuring the frequency response, distortion, and quality of audio equipment. It includes test signal generators and spectrum analyzers.

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L.A.W. (Linux Audio Workstation) Distro L.A.W. means the Linux Audio Workstation distro. This is a set of installation scripts to turn your stock linux computer into an audio workstation with documentation to help anybody learn to use it. The L.A.W. distro believes in the UNIX philosophy.

LARA - Lucerne Audio Recording Analyzer LARA is software for musical analysis using (new) scientific methods for analysis and visualization. LARA is part of the core research: a€sInterpretation and performancea€t of the HSLU a€“ Musik (University of Applied Sciences Luzern a€“ Music depart Loading and saving of audio files in the ...

MO Analyzer MO Analyzer is a matlab-based toolbox tailored for ADF and ORCA users to explore density functional theory (DFT) output files from these packages.

MPEG Audio Collection MPEG Audio Collection is designed to organize your audio file collection. It is fast and easy to use, scans selected drives for supported audio files and lists them in an Explorer-style tree-view interface.

Matlab multi-channel audio pa-wavplay is a set of Matlab mex files enabling the output of multi-channel audio using either an ASIO, DirectSound, or Windows multimedia audio uses the open source portaudio API

Littletux Networked Audio Player Audio Player MP3 & FLAC feature remote control via Web Interface or PDA. MySQL backend instant selection of tracks,playlists,genre. Search Feature. Party Jukebox, ALSA based can use TosLink/SPDIF for Hi-Q audio. 1-click add to playlist. Skinable!

Massive Audio Compressor A massive audio compressor. It can be used to compress folders containing wave files among other files. The monkey's audio compression is performed thanks to the JMAC open source java library. Ideal to compress audio projects as Cubase projects. Compress and decompress folder containing wave ...

Mpeg-7 Audio DB A mpeg-7 based audio database, reads mpeg-7 descriptions (see our twin project MPEG7AUDIOENC) and allows useful database like operations.

Outback - Network analyzer/sniffer Outback is an easy-to-use packet sniffer/packet analyzer. It provides logging to a file and offline reading. It is based on the libaries libnet an libpcap. Outback can analyze, means printing header info, UDP,TCP,ARP, ICMP, IGMP, DNS. So have fun!

PHP Log Analyzer PHP based log analyzer using MySQL as a backend database store. 100% PHP based to avoid mod_perl requirements. Uses gd for generating graphs. I just now discovered another PHP Log Analyzer by the same name, but I believe this one has a stronger found

Audigy Tools User-friendly graphical tool for controlling audio mixer settings and configuring Creative Audigy Sound Cards.

Audio Based UI Builder This project seeks to develop a framework that can be used to generate audio user interfaces (AUIs) for Java. These interfaces will not rely on screen readers but will be self-read using JSAPI.

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